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About Mike

Mike Dillard went from dead broke and waiting tables to millionaire in 18 months. Mike’s businesses have since earned him $35,000,000 over the past 6 years. Now he’s pulling back the curtains to show how anyone with any income can use the Investment Strategies of the Rich to reclaim their financial future.

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"Coming out of a divorce with nothing but debt, I knew I had to get serious and take control of my financial situation. So I bit the bullet and signed up with The Elevation Group (EVG). The first three months were like a whirlwind…I absolutely devoured the lessons. I took action on all that I could with my modest savings using several EVG strategies and Rolodex contacts. It finally felt like I was taking charge and pointing in the right direction! I've learned that retirement doesn't have to be decades away…a few more years will suffice! HOW EXCITING IS THAT!!!"


Angela S.

San Diego

"I now feel like I know a lot more about investing than most financial advisors working at the bank, and I have a lot more confidence when meeting with them. In the past, I used to view them as experts and trusted their judgment. Now I am very cautious and view most of them as “salespeople” who want to sell me mutual funds. The value that Robert and Mike provide is well worth the investment. The feeling of being in control of your finances rather than depending on the government, pension plan, or a financial advisor is very empowering, and that alone will be worth your investment with EVG."


Andrew S.

Ontario, Canada

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