A Personal Tour Of My Ranch…


As many of you know, one of the biggest projects I’ve ever undertaken has been the development of a self-sustainable ranch property here in the Texas hill country over the past three years.

Well, we had the film crew out there last week to record some new EVG Lessons, so I talked the guys into lugging their cameras around in order to take you on a quick tour of the property.

You’ll see what I’ve been up to, and introduce you to my friend David who’s helped me piece it together…

All of the improvements and purchases I've made so far to develop the ranch were based on this guy's expertise… 


I've known David for about eight years now, and he's the real deal when it comes to emergency preparedness. In fact, his first book, Survive In Place, turned that industry on it's head in my opinion. 

While the rest of the survival world has been obsessed with “bug out bags,” David's been teaching families the practical skills they need in order to stay safe at home during any kind of emergency, rather than hitting the road with a backpack like you're in Mad Max or something… 

Robert Kiyosaki sparked my interest in preparing for the worst of times, so you will only know the best of times a few years ago, and David's book gave me the detailed steps I needed to bring it to life. 

His brand new course, “The Fastest Way To Prepare,” is the prefect place to start if you're new to this topic, and considering that it's only $37, it's a no-brainer.

Click here to check out David's stuff… 


Mike Dillard

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