You Have No Time To Read Books!

You Have No Time To Read Books!

Have you always promised yourself… ”I’m going to read this book”, but never found the time? Do you have a stack of books for when you have a free moment? That was me. All those unread books…tons of info waiting to take me to the next level. I actually bought more books than I read!…


Guiding Principles To Controlling Your Life

Guiding Principles To Controlling Your Life

How it the h@ll did I end up here!?  What happened to my life? Well… hopefully you never end up at a place in your life where you ask yourself those questions.  But I can tell you I’ve been there. And when I looked back at the path that led me to where I was…


What’s Your Wealth Thermostat Setting?

What's Your Wealth Thermostat Setting?

I’ve been seeing this topic pop up more and more often. It was mentioned in speech at a large seminar event and an article I recently read. It’s an extremely relevant topic and is a key building block to a successful and happy life.  It’s about understanding limits and ceilings. We all have an internal…


Ordered to pay $30k in damages… for selling a $40 used printer!?!

Ordered to pay $30k in damages... for selling a $40 used printer!?!

Are you safe from a lawsuit? Doug Costello of Massachusetts certainly thought he was. In 2009, he sold a used printer on Craigslist for $40. Nothing serious about that, right? But a few months later he was slammed with a court summons. The buyer, Gersh Zavodnik, was seeking $6,000 in damages for selling him a “broken” printer….


EVG Social Security

EVG Social Security

How to claim social security after you’re dead It’s the EVG Research Team. Today’s message is especially timely… As you know, the United States social security system is in a lot of trouble these days. The Social Security Disability Fund is already broke. And as things stand, the main fund will completely run out of…


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