Choosing an investment strategy


See how to use “The Black Box” investing strategies the ultra-wealthy use To Make Millions.

When you're just getting your start as an investor it can be complicated and confusing when you're choosing an investment strategy. Sure, there are dozens of tried and true methods that will deliver results, but there's no certainty that any of these strategies will work out for you in particular.

If you feel lost in struggle with choosing an investment strategy, you should consider “elevation banking” from The Elevation Group.

More from The Elevation Group CEO and financial expert Brian Fouts:

Brian here with The Elevation Group and today I want to share with you how I got into a certain strategy that we have at The Elevation Group called “elevation banking”. It's the most popular thing that we do with our members. They love the strategy. But how did I get my start in this? Because it's not something that's readily available. You can't go find this strategy or information out there.

And so years ago, when I was still an employee, I had a job in the construction industry. I had a financial adviser that I'd met and he said, “Hey, man, this is a cool strategy.” I'm like, “OK, sounds great. Let's do it.”

So I did it with him. And then fast forward five years after I was an entrepreneur, I was investing. I learned all these kinds of cool things. I realized that that advisor had no clue, no flipping clue how the strategy worked and how to set it up. In fact, it was so bad. What he did for me was that I lost out on tens of thousands of dollars of potential wealth in my own personal life. And that set me on a journey and a mission to find out how this works.

My brother Jake and I hopped on planes and flew to experts that we found that knew how this worked and they were actually doing it for other people. And we learned from them how it actually worked. But even then, we realized there's a huge demand for the strategy. And there was no one teaching this, no one that was talking about how it actually worked. And so we actually put together a course with the experts that would teach people how to utilize the strategy to build massive wealth, to build legacy wealth, to build personal wealth, tax retirement, all these cool things, and then made that available to our members at The Elevation Group because we realized this is really going to help so many people. And that's really what my mission is, to help people learn these unique strategies that can build well outside of Wall Street, outside of the norm and outside of those broken strategies.

And that's what we do at The Elevation Group and elevation banking is something that I actually went out there and learned how to do on my own. First, I did it for myself, and now I help other people through The Elevation Group and our lessons there utilize the strategy with the experts that we also have access to. So you want to know more about that strategy? Join us here at The Elevation Group.

We’ve put together a free online training we’re calling “How To Use The Black Box Investing Secrets of the Super Rich”. This free online training condenses a decade of intense research into the banking habits of the super-rich, down to 3 “Black Box” secrets the super-wealthy don’t want the rest to know.

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