What’s Going To Happen To The Price Of Gold And Silver


With the recent price drop around the precious metals over the past month, many people are wondering if the precious metals bull market is coming to an end… If they should sell now at a loss before the price dives even more…

So… Are they right? Should you sell your metals, or buy more? Is the price going to increase or decrease from here?

Michael Maloney joins us via video with the answer…

These fundamentals are all that matters, which is why I don't care about today's metal prices. They are based on paper futures which are completely manipulated by the Fed and major banks. And that's what guys like Nouriel Rubini or Buffett who loath gold and silver just don't get…

No matter how much our society has grown technologically, or how much knowledge we have acquired, at the end of the day we are still human.

Our decisions, our patterns, and behaviors are still dictated by the one thing we can never escape from, which is our nature and our drive to avoid pain, or pursue pleasure.

So while many people may think that we as a nation are different than Rome… That here in the year 2011, we’re evolved, and that we have the knowledge and technology to prevent or fix any challenge that may arise,they're forgetting the one and only thing that matters… That we’re still the same animal behind the wheel, and that our nature has not changed.

If you want to know what’s going to happen to the economy and the prices of precious metals, forget everything else, and simply ask yourself… What do people do? Because the pattern is the same throughout history…

What do people in power do with that power? Do they willingly give it up, or do they abuse it?

What do people in power do with opportunity? Do they let it pass, or take it?

What do people in power do when they make mistakes? Do they do what’s right for the masses at their own expense, or do the protect themselves and their friends first?

What do people in power do with responsibility? Do they accept it, or pass it on to someone else?

What do people in power do? What’s right for others, or what’s right for them?

So ask yourself… What will our politicians, lawmakers, bankers, and traders do?

Will they face the pain of their decisions and do what is right to fix the problem, losing everything they have and all of their power in the process, or will they do everything then can to try and keep their power, and above all else, protect the status quo?

If you understand human nature, then you can look back at history and know with confidence exactly what will happen again, and that it will be no different this time.

Because even though our financial systems may have changed over time and that our minds and egos have evolved beyond these “barbaric relics”, our DNA has not…

I'm not betting on shiny pieces of metal. I'm betting on the flaws of human nature.

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Mike Dillard

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Mike Dillard

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