Getting your start with financial investing


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We all want to make more money, that's obvious, right? But… how do you get your start? It can be difficult getting your start with investing, especially when you don't have anyone in your life to go to for advice.

More from Brian Fouts, CEO and financial expert with The Elevation Group, on getting your start with investing:

Hey, Brian Fouts with The Elevation Group here, and I want to share with you really quickly how I got my start as an entrepreneur and a business owner.

I was working in construction at that time many years ago, and I didn't want that job anymore. I wanted to do something different. But what was I going to do? What was I going to actually invest into or spend my time learning about to actually have success and become a business owner? And so I chose real estate because that's what I saw other people doing. But I had no knowledge about really how money worked, how real estate works. So I had to go get this knowledge, you know, on my own, because I didn't have any mentors or coaches back then.

And I started having success, though. I started learning all this kind of stuff and had success, I quit my construction job and was thinking I was on that road to success. But what I realized eventually after I failed in that journey was that I didn't have a plan. I didn't really have a roadmap to building that wealthy life that we all want. And so after I had those setbacks and I learned about how money really works and I started gaining financial knowledge, which, by the way, was a path that took many, many years, I realized that you have to have a strategy and a plan to get to where you want to be. And you also have to know where you want to go.

And so I started learning this stuff from mentors and coaches and from advisers and really sort of building that wealth plan for myself because I wanted to live that wealthy life. And eventually I started having that success again and sort of living that life. And it was a lot of fun. And I sort of shared that journey here at The Elevation Group. That's what we share. We share the strategies, we share the journeys, we share the advice and the connections that we have used to have success.

And so that's how I got my start. But it was in real estate and I love real estate as an asset class. But that was just the first strategy I had. Now, I have many others, but that's how I got my start. But really what I learned was, is you have to understand how money works. You have to have financial literacy and knowledge and you have to have a plan to do what you want to accomplish. And so that's what we share here at The Elevation Group.

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