How to judge an investment opportunity


See how to use “The Black Box” investing strategies the ultra-wealthy use To Make Millions.

Are you doing your due diligence when it comes to investments? Because there's no Investment Handbook, it can be difficult to know how to judge an investment opportunity.

How do you know an investment is worthwhile? Are you doing background research on the products and companies you're investing in? More on how to judge an investment from CEO and chief financial expert Brian Fouts at The Elevation Group:

Hey, everybody, Brian Fouts here today in Las Vegas, but why am I here? Let me ask you a question first: So when you actually go to invest do you actually go into that company, fly to their location and investigate them? Ask questions and make sure they're legit? No, we don't.

Or you invest in maybe Bitcoin, or if you're investing in cryptocurrency, do you go and investigate or go talk to the owners about what they're doing and make sure they are legit? Most times, no, we don't have access to the owners of those opportunities.

So why am I here in Las Vegas? Well, I'm here looking at a billion-dollar investment opportunity that I came across. And guess what? I'm not okay with just hearing about it and then investing in it. I actually want to talk to the owners. I flew down here for just one day, by the way, to talk to the owners of this company to make sure this is legit, something I am comfortable with, that I am okay with bringing it back to The Elevation Group members and sharing with you. Because guess what? I want to talk to the owners and I want to verify that this is legit. That is how I operate.

And that's what I love about what we do here. The Elevation Group is about finding things that are, you know, cutting edge, that are unique, that are not mainstream. But we don't just stop there. We go talk to the owners of these things. We ask them the hard questions and we bring those answers back to the group, back to our community here at The Elevation Group and share that with everybody. That's what I love doing.

And here I am in Vegas. And this opportunity is not small. This is not a hundred million dollars. This is a multibillion-dollar opportunity. But we have members and in our group that can participate at a very small level. Thousand bucks get a 20 percent return. That is the kind of opportunities that we share with our members because we go and do this kind of stuff, because I am here talking to the owners of these companies. And so I love what I do. I love this. And I want to share everybody here really quickly because this is a lot of fun. And if you want to participate, you want to learn more about what we do here join us here at The Elevation Group.

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