How to start as an entrepreneur


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We all want to earn more money, right? Maybe you're looking for a way out of the rat race but you don't know how to start as an entrepreneur. It's tough. There's no clear path for most of us and even if there was, there's no guarantee that following that path will lead to success.

So, how did Brian Fouts, CEO and lead financial advisor with The Elevation Group get his start?

More from his latest training call:

Hey, Brian Fouts here with The Elevation Group, and I want to share with you an answer to a question that I get quite a bit.

And the question is: “How did you get your start?”

How did you become an entrepreneur, a business owner? How did you get to where you're at today? Because most people don't know how to start as an entrepreneur. And to be honest for me, I actually took the traditional path at first. That's how I got my start. But it's not where I ended up.

The traditional path. We've heard that before. Go to school, get a job, save into a 401k and eventually retire and live the good life. That's what I was not taught. But that's what I kept hearing when I was younger so that's what I did. I went to school. I got a job in the construction industry, and I did that for many, many years.

But what ended up happening is that I realized after 10 years of doing that, I saw that I had a negative net worth and I had no idea. And it really kind of freaked me out. I'm like, “I've been working for 10 years of my life and I have nothing to show for it.” And even at that rate, I realized that I would have I'd never be able to retire and live a decent quality of life. I'd always be working and trying to save money so I could actually retire. And I realized that that was a broken path. It was not the path for me.

And so that's kicked off a journey with my brother Jake and I to go discover what successful entrepreneurs, business owners, people that were living that life that we wanted to have. What were they doing differently? Because we realized if we want different results, we had to do something differently.

So our brother Jake and I, we literally hacked our way in. We looked into high level groups, mastermind's and meet ups with other entrepreneurs and business owners that were having success. And we learned from them. And we actually started connecting and networking with these individuals. And I saw what they were doing and it transformed my life.

Now, that process that took many years because I didn't have access to the resources that I have now. I didn't have the things that our members have access to like connections, opportunities, strategies. If I'd had that back then, it would have transformed my life. But that's our mission at The Elevation Group now. We share what we've learned on our journey to escape that traditional path and live that life of true freedom. Because it really is my passion to help people live that wealthy life. But that's why I got my start. It was actually a long journey. There's more to the full story that I'll share another day, but that's essentially how I got my start and how to start as an entrepreneur.

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