Next stage of human evolution discovered by… a socialist?


Is This the Next Step

in Human Evolution?

If you didn’t already know, the next step in human evolution has been discovered.  And by a socialist!

EVG Research Team here, and we’re as surprised as you.

As we’ve been preparing to thrive and prosper during the next economic crash – caused mostly by inept governments and somewhat their Wall Street sidekicks – it turns out we’ve been focused on the wrong thing all along.

In case you’re starting to think EVG has gone completely bonkers… or at a minimum, you haven’t actually woken up today and this is all a dream, let me relieve you by getting straight to the point.

EVG reader, S. V. , wrote in to ask a question, sort of, and then went on to make a GIANT declaration:

Why do you want to have a retirement plan of $100,000 a month?

Do you still not understand that the next step in the human evolution is about sharing, not about maximizing your personal profit?  We can't all have $100,000 dollars a month, can we? 

Remember, we are 7 billion. So, if people remain fixated on realizing enormous personal wealth, the divide between rich and poor will continue, won't it?

S. V.

On behalf of EVG, let me say that we STILL DO NOT understand your next step in human evolution.

But before we get to that…

What’s With the Scarcity Nonsense!?

S.V. says we can’t all retire on $100,000 a month? We can’t all be wealthy?
Why not?

It seems S.V. has fallen for the “Fixed Pie” fallacy.  It’s the idea that one person's wealth must mean someone else's poverty.  But that's nonsense.

Wealth comes from production. And there is no limit to how productive each of us can be.

When you are productive, you grow the pie – you don't take from it.

Not to mention with all the billions of dollars literally being created out of thin air these days, ensuring future inflation, we all better make sure to have at least a $100,000 per month retirement plan.

But Here’s What You Really Need To Know…

Promoting “sharing” rather than “profiting” isn’t exactly a new idea, S. V.

In fact, you might remember a certain influential 1848 book pushing the same concept. It was called “The Communist Manifesto” and written by Karl Marx.

There are even terms for it: “Marxist,” “Communist,” “Socialist.”

And these terms don’t exactly bring to mind success stories. (Soviet Union anyone?)

In fact, if “sharing,” as S. V. puts it, is the next stage of evolution… then it might also be the last one. Because we’ll all go extinct.

How The World Really Works…

Let me introduce you to a definition.

Economics – the study of the allocation of scarce resources with alternative uses.

In other words, we depend on economics to help us understand how resources should be distributed.  And we've also discovered, without dispute, that simply “sharing” resources leads to disaster.

It's called The Tragedy of the Commons, and it's usually described like this.

A grassy field, rather than belonging to a single farmer, is shared collectively among all the local farmers.  And each is allowed to bring their herds to graze.

Each farmer knows that if the land is overgrazed, the land will be useless next year.  But if they do not overgraze, another farmer will and reap the benefits, making the land useless anyway.

Therefore it is in each  farmer's rational interest to simply overgraze the land himself, guaranteeing the land will be useless next year.

Private ownership eliminates this problem, because the owner has an incentive to keep the grassy field full of grass year after year.

He may choose to rent the land out, but he'll ensure no farmer overgrazes it.  This benefits not only him, but all the other farmers who now don't have to worry that the land will be overgrazed.

And for all this, he'll probably make quite a bit of money renting out to each farmer.

And I Could Go On and ON!

Far from being the next stage of evolution, “sharing” is the path to destruction.

History, and modern economics, has proven why socialistic models do not work long term.

The key to prosperity for all is private ownership, hard work, earning all you get, and honesty in business and money.

At The Elevation Group, we use all of these things to increase our wealth – and as a result, we'll increase the wealth of the world as well.

Your Partner in Prosperity

The EVG Research Team

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