She was ashamed to admit this…


How An Accountant with 24 Years Experience
Got Her REAL Financial Education from EVG…

EVG Research Team here. Do you have any deep dark secrets? You know, the kind that not even your best friend knows about? Or even your closest family members?

Like the gal I once knew who’d eat a whole package of Oreos whenever she got stressed out.

Or the doctor who’d lecture his patients on the horrors of smoking and then sneak home and puff down a pack of Camels in his backyard.


Or maybe you can think of something even deeper or darker…

Well, we have an EVG member who recently wrote in to tell us about her incredible, life-changing success with EVG strategies.

But it was the embarrassing “secrets” she revealed about her life that really caught us off guard.

Her Life Seemed Like a Dream … On the Outside

You see, Diane has been a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) since 1989. And during the past quarter of a century she’s helped hundreds and thousands of individuals and businesses keep their finances in order.

Now there are some professions you can kind of “fake your way through.”

Being a CPA is NOT one of them.

First there are the grueling accounting classes in college. Then to get your CPA certification, you need to master a rigorous 4-part exam. Only 28% of CPA wannabes pass all four tests on the first try.

Even after you earn your certification, there’s still plenty of continuing education to keep up with your peers and to stay on top of ever-changing regulations and laws.

In others words being a CPA is not for slouches. It demands an iron-willed work ethic and a lot of specialized training.

Diane accomplished all of this with professional aplomb.

Her wizardry with numbers allowed her to make an above-average salary with a successful accounting firm.

Most people who knew Diane thought her life was postcard-perfect.

But that’s because they didn’t know about …

Diane’s Dark Secret

You see, even though she had her client’s businesses sailing along on smooth waters, Diane’s personal life was more like a shipwreck.

Financially, at least.

At age 54, Diane found herself with a pitiful $7,500 saved up for retirement. Her home was underwater. And to make matters worse, she was drowning in a sea of credit card debt…

…which made any attempt get ahead like throwing bowling balls into a pond and hoping they'd float.

In her own words, she was a financial failure.

That’s not easy information for a financial professional to confess. In fact, Diane said it this way:

Doesn’t sound very fiscally responsible for a CPA who should know better, does it? In fact, that was probably the most difficult part of writing this letter — admitting that all of my financial acumen had rendered me a failure in my own eyes.

So what do you do when you’re ashamed of the mess you’ve made with your life? When you’re frustrated by your own inability to even make ends meet, much less get ahead?

Well, one possible solution is to ask for a raise. Which Diane did.

For 5 years in a row!

She begged. She pleaded. But 5 consecutive answers of “no” burned scars in her ears.

“The economy has hurt our business,” they’d tell her.

“We all have to tighten our belts,” they’d reason.

Which was good for the bosses, of course. But not for Diane.

With the cost of living skyrocketing — especially food and gas prices — Diane’s bleak outlook on life grew darker than her dirty little secret.

A Glimmer of Hope

The first ray of hope to brighten Diane’s world arrived in her inbox back in late 2010.

It was an email from Mike Dillard announcing his new venture called The Elevation Group.

He called it EVG for short, and he promised to share the “black box investing strategies of the ultra-wealthy.”

These were the same strategies that had helped Mike sail through the 2008 financial crisis unscathed.

It was an intriguing — and exciting — proposition. Diane wasn’t sure if it could work for her, but she loved reading about it. And dreaming about what her life could become.

Each day she eagerly checked her inbox, waiting for the new emails from Mike telling her how her life could change on a dime with the “greatest wealth transfer in the history of mankind.”

And then the big announcement came. Mike was hosting a live webinar to answer any questions about EVG. And he was finally opening up the shopping cart and accepting new members.

It was decision time for Diane. She felt an initial surge of excitement about getting out of debt. And, hey, who wouldn’t want to learn how to invest like the rich?

So she joined EVG and lived happily ever after, right?

Not so fast, partner. Remember, this is a true story.

The reality is, when it came time to join, she chickened out.

So why would Diane choose to continue her 9-5 rat race with a job that was going sideways? And with an outlook on life that was heading downhill fast?

The Devastating Effects of Fear

It was fear that held her back. She’s not quite sure exactly what she was afraid of, but here’s how she explained it:

For whatever reason, I didn't hop on board with EVG right away. Maybe l was skeptical, without fully understanding what you were putting together. Maybe I was thinking it was just another way to waste money I didn't have at the time.

Whatever it was, her decision to not join EVG was one she would soon come to regret.

Over the next year, Diane stayed on the EVG mailing list.

With each update, she saw how people’s lives were being transformed by these incredible “Black Box” investment secrets of the ultra-rich.

These were ordinary, middle class folks who were turning their fiscal failures upside down and finally finding financial security. Diane longed to be one of them.

But she was still too afraid to join.

It got to the point that her heart sank with every email she received from EVG, because she knew she’d hear about other people’s success … while her own situation was rapidly plunging into the danger zone.

She beat herself up for not joining EVG on the ground floor.

And the deeper she sank into the muck of financial failure, the more depressed she got.

It wasn’t until she hit rock bottom that she knew she had nothing else to lose.

For Diane there was only one solution. It was going to be…

EVG or Bust, By Golly!

So with an anxious index finger hovering over the “Order Now” button on the Elevation Group checkout page, she closed her eyes and gave the mouse an intrepid click.

She was in!

When she opened her eyes, there was no puff of smoke. No fireworks. No confetti.

Nor did her bleak world suddenly change from black-and-white to technicolor. None of that Fantasy Island fluff.

But she did finally have the tools she needed to become financially secure.

It wasn’t magic fairy dust. Not by a long shot.

But once she put the tools in the EVG membership site to work, it did change her financial future, almost like magic.

Within a few weeks, her mind was buzzing with new-found financial wisdom. And for the first time in years she had hope.

Her first discovery was this: all her extensive schooling hadn’t prepared her to be wealthy. Not even close.

The Failure of Formal Education

Diane’s University education had taught her one thing well: how to do her job. How to keep track of cashflow and expenses. How to create a balance sheet and income statement. And whether that receipt her client handed her should go into the books as a debit or a credit.

But that was it.

What her formal education had totally failed to teach her was how money really works. How true wealth is created. How to preserve, protect and grow the money she did have.

But now, finally, at nearly age 55, she had it all at her fingertips.

At first she got mad at the education system. How dare they cheat her of this knowledge! But she knew that wouldn’t help her get back on her feet.

So instead she used those raw emotions as fuel. She burned the midnight oil learning everything she could about money and investing on the EVG membership site. So she could invest like the rich do.

But Diane also knew that knowledge itself without action would never get her out of the rat race.

She’d just be like a really smart hamster running all day on its wheel, but still getting nowhere … putting in long hours at the office with nothing to show for it.

So after devouring the EVG lessons, she got to work. She made a plan. Called experts on the EVG Rolodex. And then executed the plan.

And the results are nothing short of phenomenal!

After One Year With EVG…
Diane DOUBLED Her Retirement Savings!

And that money is now all safely tucked away in her newly-created Cash Flow Bank. It was the first EVG strategy she implemented with the help of an expert from the EVG Rolodex.

Having her own personal, cash-flow bank set up means she can use that money for future investments. Or anything else she wants.

And even if she invests the money from her cash-flow bank in something else, her account will still be earning interest for her retirement. All at the same time.

Or she can just watch her money grow, safe and secure, while she waits for the right opportunity.

Another trip to the EVG Rolodex put Diane in touch with the EVG credit repair expert. He helped Diane patch up her shattered credit rating. Within 4 short months, he removed over half of the derogatory remarks that were destroying her credit.

Life for Diane is definitely looking up.

Of course, not everything was instantly fixed.

For example, her home is still underwater.

But refinancing at a ridiculously low rate is saving Diane thousands of dollars down the road. Plus it frees up precious cash flow for future EVG-style investments.

And unfortunately, Diane still has not received that raise she deserves. EVG couldn’t do anything about that.

But instead of complaining and losing sleep over it, she’s taking control of her active income streams.

Inspired by Mike’s encouragement to supplement current income with a home business, she took a course to learn a new skill. It now provides her with a second source of income.

Her ultimate goal is to start a second business, fire her boss, and then fully replace her JOB with income from her own endeavors.

Wow. What a difference a year makes!

Now let’s be clear: one year with EVG can’t possibly erase 24 years of financial failure all at once.

But there’s no denying…

Diane Is Now A Transformed Woman

Here’s what she shared with us:

As I look back at what I have accomplished, instead of beating myself up … I’m giving myself a pat on the back for coming a long way during this past year. And l have you guys to thank!

How cool is that!

Instead of being fearful of her future, she’s excited and hopeful.

Rather than wasting energy hating her job and her employer, she’s loving her new business.

And now, instead of being embarrassed and ashamed of her financial failures, she’s proud of her accomplishments.

We are too.

Congratulations, Diane! You did it!

But it doesn’t stop here.

No, mastering your finances and taming the ingrained scarcity mindset burned into our brains from youth is a lifelong process.

Diane understands that.

And now, thanks to EVG, she’s ready — and equipped — for all the challenges ahead.

How about you?

How You Can Find Success Like Diane

Wouldn’t you love to enjoy the success Diane has found? The confidence? The hopeful outlook? The lack of stress over finances?

It just takes a little courage to try something new.

Sure, it can be a little scary at first, like it was for Diane. But you don’t have to go it alone. There’s always help a phone call or a click away.

Or maybe you’re afraid (like Diane was at first) that an EVG membership might be too expensive for you. That’s understandable.

So, how much WILL it cost you?

Perhaps a better question to ask is: how much will it cost you to keep on doing what you’re doing now?

For Diane the answer was clear:

The experts that you have assembled are first-class, and … what you guys charge us is a pittance compared to the value I’ve received. My EVG membership has been worth every penny!

The decision to join is yours, of course. But we’d love to have you join us … and Diane … as our newest member.

It’s totally risk free.

If you’re ready for a change in your life — just like Diane was, here’s where you can get started:

Click Here to learn more about an Elevation Group membership.

Your Partner In Prosperity,

The EVG Research Team

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