The $2.7 Trillion Social Security Hoax


The $2.7 Trillion
Social Security Hoax

The U.S. government claims there is $2.7 trillion dollars in the Social Security Trust fund.

That's a lot of money. But is it really there?

I Owe You

EVG Research Team here. It's a great question that deserves an honest answer. Government explanations about the Social Security Trust Fund are a tangled, confusing mess. But it's not hard to understand once you unravel it.

It's probably the easiest to explain with a little story…

The Social Security Trust Fund
Is Nothing But a Shoebox Full of IOUs

I'd like to introduce you to Jack.

He and his wife Diane are two middle-class wage earners trying to live out the American Dream.

Jack's a likeable guy. A hard worker. And, during his working years, he made a decent living as a middle-management paper-pusher.

But Jack's dream was to one day retire in a little cottage he found out at the lake.

So many years ago, Jack came up with a brilliant plan.

He figured if he saved $200 from every paycheck, he'd have enough money to buy the cottage outright by the time he retired.

Jack dreamed of living out his golden years enjoying life on the lake. Fishing. Canoeing. Splashing in the water with his grandkids.

So Jack began putting $200 every 2 weeks into a shoebox that he'd labeled “retirement fund.” He figured it was safer to just keep the money in the shoebox rather than risk losing it in an investment.

His wife Diane was happy to go along with the plan. She tingled with anticipation every time Jack told her how much their “cottage retirement” fund had built up.

Like Jack, she envisioned a tranquil life on the lake. Sunbathing. Long barefoot walks along the shore. Sipping margaritas on the dock with Jack.

The first hiccup came only 6 months into “the plan.”

Jack's car chewed up its transmission and spit a $2000 bill onto his lap.

He needed the car for work, so Jack snuck the shoebox out of its hiding place and counted out 20 one-hundred dollar bills. He replaced the borrowed bills with a scrap of paper that read:

IOU – $2000

Jack figured he'd save up a little more here and there to pay off the IOU. After all, he had a steady income and many working years ahead of him. There'd be plenty of time to pay it back…

Unfortunately, once the forbidden fruit was tasted, future forays into the box were easier to digest for Jack…

…and in the following years, the shoebox became a convenient “slush” fund for Jack to raid as needed.

Like when little Jimmy needed braces. Or when Diane decided they needed a new dining room set. Or when Jack couldn't live without that workshop out back.

Each time, Jack “borrowed” the cash he needed from the shoebox and replaced it with a little handwritten IOU.

And then it happened.

Only a few years from retirement, Jack's company downsized.

Jack's job was expendable, so they kicked him out on the street with enough severance to keep the family afloat for 6 months.

“Unemployable” was the catchphrase Jack learned next. No one wanted a worn-out, washed-up middle-management guy.

So Diane suggested the obvious. “Let's use our ‘cottage fund' and take an early retirement … even if we can't afford the cottage we really want.”

Jack gulped hard. He retrieved the shoebox, and, with guilt wrenching his face into a painful grimace, he slid the lid off their retirement coffer and presented it to his bride.

Diane's eyes flew open wide in surprise. Then, slowly, they narrowed into a deepening rage.

“What is this?” she demanded. “A box full of IOU's?” Jack! How could you do this to us?”

Jack struggled to explain. “It was the only way to live the lifestyle we wanted. You didn't want to give anything up. Neither did I. And there were always those emergencies…

“I figured I'd always have more income later on to pay it all back. I didn't think retirement would sneak up on us so fast.”

The Social Security Trust Fund
Depends on Future Taxes Collectable

The Social Security Trust fund is a lot like Jack's little shoebox. It's filled with a bunch of IOUs from the Federal government to the Social Security Trust fund.

The government has borrowed from this fund in order to keep showering us with all of its wonderful programs.

In other words, the American government has been living beyond its means for 50+ years on borrowed money…

Money it promised to tuck away for its senior citizens. Money it instead pilfered to pay for wars and social programs and special-interest handouts.

The politicians assumed tax revenues would always flow in like an ever-expanding stream. That people would always be fully employed, and that job growth would continue to explode like it did when the Baby Boomers hit the workforce.

But that kind of growth can't – and won't – continue. Not on that trajectory.

The result is, at some point (very soon) the Social Security shoebox will be exposed as the sham it is. Nothing but a box full of IOUs to itself.

(We'll continue this story next week and show you how the government messed it all up, how it's been trying to cover up its own mess, and how one little change could have made a HUGE difference.)

Your EVG Solution:
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For now, please understand that if you want to retire wealthy, you can't rely on the government for that.

Heck, there's not even a guarantee that government will provide one cent for your retirement.

In fact, you'll probably end up like Jack and Diane if you put your trust in Uncle Sam.

And it's no different in other countries. There's not a single nation on the planet that's solvent enough to care for its future retirees.

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No one deserves an outcome like Jack and Diane forced upon them by a reckless government.

It's your life, and your choice.

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Your Partner in Prosperity,

The EVG Researsch Team

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