The biggest mistake that people make when creating wealth


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What's the biggest mistake that people make when creating wealth? They create a life or a lifestyle for themselves that they don't enjoy. What's the use of making piles of money if you hate your life?

More from Brian Fouts, CEO and head financial expert with The Elevation Group:

Hey, Brian here and I want to share something with you. On my journey to building my own personal wealthy life, I've realized something and it's that too many people try to go get wealth or create money by doing something they don't truly enjoy.

Like they take a job they don't like, right? A job they're doing so they don't truly enjoy and they wonder why they struggle building wealth. But when you actually go and build wealth through something you're passionate about, something that you like to do, you build that life that you want to live because it's not the destination that's always important. It's also the journey as well, not just the destination that's important, right?

As an example, I'm here in Zion National Park with my family and we're having a blast. But I'm also actually running my businesses because that's the way I've designed my lifestyle. I design my life that way so that I can do these kinds of things, these experiences with my family while also running businesses and building wealth.

So when you're doing that, think about what you're doing. Is this something I want to do to build wealth? Is it something I enjoy doing right now? Is this the journey that is going to make me happy, not just a destination?

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