Why they don’t teach you about money in school


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Are you like most Americans? So many of us grew up into adults and put into practice what we were taught in school. But… where does that get you? How come they never taught you how to balance a checkbook? Why is there no class on credit card debt? Well, to put it bluntly, there's a reason why they don't teach you about money in school.

More on that from Brian Fouts, CEO and financial expert with The Elevation Group:

Hey, Brian Fouts here with The Elevation Group and I want to share something that I learned early on in my journey to becoming an entrepreneur and a business owner, because when I started that traditional path through life, I didn't have a lot of the knowledge that I have now. And I didn't realize it back then either.

But one of the things I realized on my journey was that I didn't really have true financial literacy, I didn't understand how money really works. Because when I'm around successful entrepreneurs and business owners, what I see a lot of times is a real knowledge about how money works, because it is a tool, it's a resource. But how is wealth really created?

Because I was taught to go to school, save money to a 401K and eventually you'll have enough money to do what you want in life. But that's not what successful entrepreneurs are doing. They're actually creating wealth through understanding how money works. They're having true financial literacy and understanding business and entrepreneurship. And I was taught to be a good employee that was with the educational system here in America. At least that's what it taught me, was how to be a good employee. It didn't teach me anything about business, about ownership of a business or entrepreneurship. It didn't teach me how to even balance a frickin checkbook for crying out loud. Do you ever wonder why they don't teach you about money in school? It's because they're training you to become a good employee. But for me, that's not enough. I had to learn the stuff I needed to learn on my own and I realized that was something I was drastically missing in my life.

If I wanted to have more wealth and live that wealthy life that we all deserve. I had to understand how successful people are doing it, how money really works, how to actually run a business for crying out loud. I had no idea about that because it was not taught even in middle school or college. Again, there's a reason why they don't teach you about money in school. It was not really something they focused on. I was taught to be an employee and that's what I did for many, many, many years until I became disenchanted with that whole model and realized I have to get this knowledge.

And so one of my biggest passion is sharing that knowledge through The Elevation Group with our members because that is something I love to do and that is what we do. So if you're interested in gaining financial literacy and knowledge follow us on Facebook or social media, because I love to share what we're doing and I want you to learn the same stuff as well.

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