The Elevation Group Success Stories

“Hello and thank you Mike for The Elevation Group! This is a blessing in a big way. I am so glad that i made the decision to join this group it is changing my life with the information that i am getting. Thank you again for this group!”

– William King

"Thanks Mike. My 20 year old son and his buddy, had the most wonderful discussion on this very topic's today at lunch. He kinda put in touch with the pulse of what his friend were feeling about politics and the economy. It was great opportunity to share what I've from you guys and people like Peter Schiff; whom I currently reading “How an Economy grows and why it crashes”….So, thanks again and keep up the good work!"

– Walter Adams

"Great training Mike: The opportunity is so clear, the time is so right. Now it is up to each one of us to take that action. The action need not be massive in order to achieve success. The action needs to be as much as we can, from where we are right now….and most importantly….the action must be consistent. Thanks!"

– David Costa

"This group is like attending College called the Wealth University. I mean I went to College for 6 years and 15,000 in debt to get a job living check to check this sucks big time. I glad you are looking out for little people like myself Mike. Thanks!"

– Tanisha Phillips

"I can tell you as one who spent many years in the financial services industry that he's got a bigger picture and a much better grasp than most financial planners out there. The way he gets his head around what he's talking about makes me doubt that he's going to get the wool pulled over his eyes much. Besides that, he's an entrepreneur and an opportunist who knows how to bring “value” to market. I like that! AndI don't even know him personally."

– Larry Jones

"GREAT information. I have been interested in this topic since 2007 and learned a TON. I FINALLY have a spirit of excitement about the future. THANK YOU!"

– Paul Pfaff

"This is great stuff and very glad I joined! I have very limited funds and it took everything I had to be able to join, but I think it's going to be worth it over the long haul even if I have to just take baby steps to get started."

– Cynthia Carraway

"I'm considered a minority and this is all new to me. It's like the first day of school. We all have to start somewhere. This much I can say, my circle of influence does not talk about any of this stuff and so I will be the first in my family to step outside of my comfort zone and take a risk. I'm 42 years old, married with 4 kids and 2011 will not meet me with the same mindset I carried for 42 years. Now I know where I can put my IRP money I am acquiring monthly. This has also blew me away and will help others gain funds to buy their Gold And Silver with no risks. Crazy thing about it, is that there is a waiting list to get in."

– Doris Tompkins

"This is so awesome…being based Internationally, I thought that a lot of the information in the membership site wouldn't benefit me. What was I thinking? I'm committed to going through your content for at least 30 minutes a day every day to really understand how to attract AND preserve wealth! Thanks Mike and your team for the opportunity to invest in my financial education."

– Seb Brantigan

"I joined the Elevation Group back about 4 months ago, and just watched these videos this week for the first time.
Wow! What an amazing amount of information.
I am very intrigued with these concepts, and I really appreciate you bringing them to the table.

– Martin Dale

"Thank you Mike for the information given here, it is very empowering and has ignited some great action in me! I'm so grateful for your humility Mike for starting this group and allowing those of us who desire greatness to build towards it. Wisdom, understanding and knowing how, is the greatest tool we all have! "

– LeSean Cunningham

"Thank you, for all that you have shared and for providing such a wonderful and informative site!! This is simply brilliant!! Since joining The Elevation Group before Christmas I have spent much of my free time on break from teaching college glued to my computer. Even tonight, on New Year's Eve, I have been going through the videos and discussion forum for several hours and am absolutely fascinated by your approach. I am truly grateful. My wife and I are interested in starting a Bank of U."

– Donald Peterson

"Mike thank you so much for the EVG. I've seen you before a few years ago from other programs, but they say when the the student is ready the teacher will appear. Thank You."

– Darrell Rhoades

"My name is Debra Bryant, a resident of Hapeville (next to Atlanta), GA. I
am a working mother of two. I have been on a downward spiral financially
for about two years strong. I became unemployed in the second quarter of
2008 and maintained that status until the third quarter of 2009. When I
regained employment, the salary was substantially lower, hence continuing my
downward spiral which started upon unemployment.

I have followed Mike Dillard for about a year and some change. I even
purchased a program but quickly returned it because emotionally I had too
much going on in life and I knew that I could not focus or concentrate on
the course. However, I still continued to receive email and I followed here
and there. On October 5th of this year, I got an email with the subject
line "I've Stepped Down From CEO of MS…”, for some reason, this
caught my attention so I opened it and read it.

Mike sounded so excited, it
piqued my interest to find out what would make him drop everything and go do
something else. I was the rabbit chasing the carrot. On the 7th, I
received the email to sign up for the invitation list. I can definitely
relate to the video shared. Many of us have been destroyed by this economic
tsunami. After this video, I could not imagine what to expect or what Mike
had in store for the world.

The day finally arrived, October 19th, The
Elevation Group made its initial debut presentation via a webinar. I was
blown away by the content. The material was not foreign to me but very
familiar because of other exposures so I was totally connected and happy to
learn that someone was bringing it all together in a neat package for all
those who can see and are willing to take a risk. After logging in for the
first time, I was so beside myself with the gold mine available. I felt
very privileged to have the opportunity to partake at this grand buffet and
so happy that I was willing to take a chance and learn something else.

this point, I am so far down, I figure there is not way to go but up from
here. I love the diary entries and the videos of the various experts
sharing about the nuts and bolts of what is going on in the world that so
few already know about. This is a path that I have longed for, for a while.
The Elevation Group is the missing link for a major part of my life. I have
already starting sharing with others that I have encountered some valuable
information which will open up a world they never knew existed. Don't
ponder over something that you already know is nagging at you.

you have to take a chance, do it, and never look back. I don't have the
resources to keep up with something like this, but because I believe so
strongly and I know I need, want and have longed for this type of
information, I will make it happen, one way or another.

If someone told you
that you will be given a million dollars if you joined an organization for a
year and paid the minimum membership offered, would you figure out how to
accommodate your membership? If someone guaranteed you that you would be
granted a degree if you enrolled in a college or university, paid the annual
tuition paid the fees, studied, passed the exams, completed projects and all
the other stuff expected to be successful in school, what would you do?
Would you find a student loan, scholarship, grant or ask your parents?
Well, this is pretty much what is being offered to you today. WHAT WILL YOU

– Debra Bryant


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