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The Elevation Group Success Stories

"In reality there is no one solution and the only person that can help you is you."

David Ness

David believes that EVG brings the proper focus, the proper resources and clarity to the mess of financial suggestions available. You will have to make the decisions, but the Elevation Group makes it easier.

Daniel Lann
Daniel Lann Working guy
"The journey is even more important than the financial gains. The exposure from the videos is phenomenal."
Mark Moss
Mark Moss
"EVG gives access to strategies from top people. Each of the lessons are broken down in a practical easy-to-understand manner."
Del-Metri Williams
Del-Metri Williams
"Each lesson can be marked for a different strategy in our own personal life. Always applicable in your everyday world."
Taye Corby
Taye Corby Entrepreneur
"The best thing I got was the ability to assess what I want and what I can have for me, my family and shift to action."
Eric Zamora
Eric Zamora Photographer
"I took what he gave me and ran with it like in football for a touchdown. I couldn't be happier."
Navendu Charu
Navendu Charu
"EVG had a fundamental affect on the way I am managing my assets. I left the stock market and invested in various other assets."
Christian M. - Luxembourg

I'm struggling against the crisis, on the verge of losing my business, I can't sleep at night for worry for my future and that of my employees... But I made a resolution that I'd rather die on the battlefield than give in - and right there comes your message from The Elevation Group, and all the positive comments of fellow members, all saying the same thing: we must never lose courage, but stand tall in our fight for financial and moral freedom. And we are not alone in our fight against economic injustice and political corruption, there's more and more of us. Thanks for making the connection and pointing out the way!

Stevi S. - Los Angeles, CA

I have followed and admired he for quite some time, even before the launch of The Elevation Group & have wholeheartedly supported this incredible endeavor ... let's hope we can expose everyone to the education & possibility of The Elevation Group! Thank you so much for all you have taught me. I have long been inspired by your brilliance & now, resilience.

Christo Van Z.

“It is great to see "the human side" of you - knowing that you are exposed to challenges just like so many others. Thank you for leading by example. Thank you for sharing your messages and thank you for providing the tools! I look forward to even more success for you, for myself and for all those impacted by your message! Have an incredible 2013!

Monica O.

Dear he, I found your courses 4 years ago and my whole life has changed. After a year of total challenges myself - I didn't quit either. Now I am commercializing new advanced air, water and energy technologies from Czech. I will be able to fund my own self-sufficiency projects in 2013 for my Charity, Righting the Roma Foundation. Building self-sustaining communities is a new priority and life purpose for me, as well. So thank you so much for grooming leaders and being such a great one yourself.

Kelly B.

Thank you for bringing us so many great resources! I am looking forward to all 2013 has to offer and wish everyone a prosperous New Year!

Erik F. - Norway

I've been with The Elevation Group since late 2011 and have set in motion many new and exciting avenues towards a future of financial self reliance and all thanks to he! Currently acquiring copywriting skills ... and am one of the foreign students in the EVG Income course. To say the least; your help, your positivism, your willingness to guide, share and urge me forward through EVG has created a huge bright light of opportunity and hope for me going forward. You are a true inspiration and I wish you all the best for 2013!

Harry F. - Simi Valley, CA

He: Ever since 2004 I've been following your work, successes, and even using your system. I never made a bad decision doing so. I noticed you’re focusing more on doing more for charities, and it's been more of my focus too, because after all, helping the much less fortunate who many times can't help themselves is something everybody should be involved with on a regular on-going basis, and as you stated, not rely on Government. With that, I wish you and you’re The Elevation Group/Team the best in 2013. May God bless you all for the work you are doing to help more people worldwide see the light in the critical areas you cover.

Linda R.

Hi he, I had the pleasure of meeting you at an event last summer. You were as kind and gracious in person as you are through your writings and you add incredible value to our internet community. I think you speak to many hearts as you share your insights and challenges. I know that when I found The Elevation Group in late 2011, I discovered the possibility for many of my life long dreams to become a reality...still working on them, hanging in there and meeting the challenges same as you speak about. I always thought I was just too stubborn to give up. That attitude has served me well and helped me find others with similar attitudes who continue to support me as I reach higher and higher to achieve my dreams. Thank you SO much for daring to share your life, insights and knowledge with us so that we can be encouraged to stay the course. I sincerely hope the best for you in 2013 and beyond.

Gwen B. - Prescott, AZ

He, Thank You so much for all that you do!!! I'm excited to be involved with such an awesome company whose main goal is to inspire people just like me to be self-reliant!!! I'm blessed to have been exposed to what you and Robert have to offer!! 2013 is going to be a special chapter in my life thanks to The Elevation Group. Please stay charged and strong so that we can ALL get stronger and stronger!! THANK YOU for always and always getting back up!! You are our Champion.

Don Edd G.

Thanks so much for dropping the note on the "ups & downs in 2012. There's no doubt or surprise that you would rebound, recover, and continue to champion our cause for personal and financial freedom and total self reliance. Hard to believe it's been a year since I stumbled across your invitation to The Elevation Group. One of the best moves I've ever made in my life joining the EVG family. It's truly been a life changer for myself and my family. He, thanks again for everything you have done for us in 2012 and we look forward to marching ahead with you in 2013. Happy New Year!

Judy B. - West Linn, OR

Creating choices for all of us in The Elevation Group through education has been a wonderful experience. I truly value the person you are and the efforts that you and Robert go to, to make some of our challenges a bit easier. Thank you and I look forward to all the extremely talented people you will introduce us to in 2013!

Steven M.

Thanks for the positive message he; I’ve been a non-member now since late November, however I hope to remedy that in the next week or so. It’s inspiring to hear you move forward & I wish for continuing success in your accomplishments. To date; I’ve used 4 of The Elevation Group concepts and plan to move forward with more. I wish all the best to you & every EVG members for a Safe & Prosperous 2013.

Anslem O. - Nigeria

He, Many thanks for all the wonderful works that you are doing leading to universal empowerment. I am really inspired. In 2013, I will try to be more self-reliant and spread the good news. With more dedication and attention, 2013 promises a better success. Please enjoy the blessings of this season.

Diane A. - Freelance Copywriter

He: I've been a member of The Elevation Group since Dec. 2011; I can honestly say that my life one year later is not the same, thanks to you and EVG. While I still have much work to do financially, the information that you've been sharing gives me hope that I can still attain financial freedom, even with all of the mistakes I've made. Thanks for hanging in there--I think I can speak for all EVG members when I say we're incredibly thankful for all you do!!

Juan C.

Hello he, I'm looking forward to 2013 being a great year and looking forward to the education with The Elevation Group. Thank you!

Scot Thomas R. - Kingston, WA

Great commentary he. If I had not become Rent and Mortgage Free years ago I would not have been able to take advantage of the hundreds of opportunities that have come my way since. Start with your three needs: Food, Shelter and Energy and when they are taken care of on auto pilot, then look at helping others discover the same thing.

Glen E. - Real Estate Professional

Thank you for this strong endorsement of self-reliance. It seems most of our country no longer has any idea what it means much less any inclination to find out. EVG is an important starting point for all of us who want to take care of ourselves and recognize that no one succeeds alone. We will be following your leadership throughout 2013.

MaryKay C.

Hi he, I have been an EVG member since day one. I will never not be a member of The Elevation Group! We have to stick together and yes always get back up on that horse..if you fall off. :)

Jason R. - London

He you're a class act. As an Elevation Group member for over a year, your honesty and integrity have been consistent throughout. Keep up the great work and EVG's empowering vision.

Terry E.

Thanks for the great information and research that you provide for our knowledge to move forward and protect our families! Praying for a great 2013!

Lillian A. - Ecuador

Thank you he. I have enjoyed being in The Elevation Group and share your views on self-reliance. I feel that self-sufficiency is the key to a good life.

Jennifer G.

I would like to thank you with all my heart for the amazing encouragement I have got from your UPLIFTING FREE NEWSLETTERs and also the heart warming comments sent in by fellow readers. Looking forward to what's up your sleeves for this coming year. I send you courage to face all the trials but without pain there's no gain as you well know, and I do wish you and your family & friends a very Happy 2013 with much love & light & laughter & Peace & JOY with tons of this promised "Freedom, in every aspect of our lives by removing dependencies and creating self-reliance." I’ve been an avid fan since you started The Elevation Group. THANK YOU he!

William C. - Hana, HI

Hello he, I have been following your work since the beginning of The Elevation Group (and before). It has been inspiring. Having been through many ups and downs throughout my life, I subscribe totally to the concept that "you gotta get up and keep going" whenever you get knocked down. God does not give you anything You cannot handle. So, at this time of my life, when most people are looking to retire, I am getting started on another new project. Thank you for your inspired words, they are helping a whole lot of people, myself included. I'm working on setting up my property to be as self sufficient as possible, but am hoping it will not be compulsory for everyone else.

Lisa M. - Philadelphia, PA

He, don't ever forget that you are making a difference in many lives, in ways you will never be told about. Thank you. For all you do, for your positivity, for allowing me to know that if I have the strength of character, that if I ever am ready to move out of my comfort zone, there are unknown avenues to traverse. Be well, be content, be happy.

Sylvia C.

Thanks for giving us Elevation Group Members the many tools to keep our freedoms that the Gov't is doing it's best to take from us. Your 2012 personal challenges show us that we can also learn strength by fighting our 'downs' toward 'ups' then to success. I've found that I do have to learn patience until God presents the right time and opportunity. Thanks for your fortitude and courage!

Judy B.

I knew when I signed up with The Elevation Group, many great things would happen! I too, though, suddenly got tossed into a tailspin with the man in my life needing immediate bypass surgery. I look at it as a blessing from God. He did not suffer a debilitating heart attack, but is on the mend and we have learned a valuable lesson about our health. I so value what you give us here at EVG. Choices thru education. Thank you he and Robert and bless you for an outstanding 2013!

Maurice T.

I just want to say "Thanks" for the leadership and concern you have provided throughout this endeavor you embarked on. I really appreciate the fact that you share your ups and downs and show a different side of you. It kinda let's people like me know that we all going through headaches now and then. I look forward to an exciting and challenging 2013 with The Elevation Group. God bless and keep moving forward.

Pervis - India

He is one of the reasons for me to actually get into online marketing back in 2010. My journey hasn’t exactly been easy, but I can definitely say that it has been worth it now that I’m finally out of the rat race (aka 9 to 5), and completely living life on my own terms. I received an email from he recently that once again got me inspired, recharged my batteries, and shot up my adrenalin! His backstory is a seriously inspiring story of courage and determination for me. It’s about how to never ever “settle” in life. The fact of the matter is that we are all capable of this more or less, but the million-dollar question is - HOW MUCH DO YOU WANT IT? Those who absolutely want it no matter what will go the whole hog like he did. The others will not really act because they are subconsciously happy and comfortable with where they are in life even though they might dream of the best possible life for them. He obviously had to start out the hard way to become a multi-millionaire ... and DO NOT get me wrong, you absolutely DO have to work hard to reach where you want to, but he makes things a lot easier for ordinary folks like myself.

Liliane L.

Hi he, the best leaders are those who lead by example and can identify with the struggles of those they lead. You have been trained in hard things in a very short time. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us and for caring about us. We hope to meet you one day in person! May 2013 turn out to be your best year so far!

Hinemoa Nic F.

Congratulations he for conquering your mountains in 2012! Such an inspirational letter. You are so right about getting back to basics. Even in the land of Oz we will be moving into that Lifestyle (the ranch lifestyle) ... Victory is Yours!

Cindy Zanetta M.

I love where your thoughts are going on the 'important' things in life, like self-reliance, and where you are planning to take the Elevation Group. There is nothing else out there that compares to what you have created here, and it only gets better! Thank you and may you and your team have an AWESOME 2013!

Robin G.

Thank you he, you clearly have helped so many of change our lives to deal with whatever comes our way. The Elevation Group is premier, thank you for all you do and continue to do. We don't want to live each day sleeping in our shoes.

Adelina L.

Thank you for keeping in touch and sharing your words of wisdom. We value your thoughts and especially your economic forecasts and advice. Bless you for your leadership and graciousness. We salute you.

Irena Š.

Dear he, I am deeply honored to know a person such as yourself and although we have never connected in person, the values you hold are truly ones that only contribute to a better society. I know convincing others of the good in self-sufficient living ... is still hard to convince the mass majority... - but this could change very quickly especially with the right training and direction. Your contribution to this will be effective as all your other projects have been.

Julianne S.

Thanks he for your honesty, your determination and your faith. And for not being a Guru, just a normal hard-working person! You certainly lead by example. I am from Australia, and everything is just as valid here too. I thank you for setting me on a path of self-reliance; and just realised today that I have crossed more things off the freedom list than I would have thought possible 18 months ago. I really am more than half way to self-sustainability ... and enjoying every step of the way. Thanks for educating me, and for living your passion.

Randy R.

Hi he, I'm proud to be a member of The Elevation Group. Keep up the good work and keep plugging!

Melissa S.

RELIEF!!!! We feel like we're finally on the right track and feel like we have so much more control over our money in terms of where it's going and what we can expect.


You guys are providing a very valuable service for a very reasonable price. It's incomprehensible that anyone should expect, let alone ask for you to "volunteer" your most valuable resource—your time—for free when you could just be doing all of your efforts and research for yourself and your friends for FAR LESS headache than all that you're needing to do to build and sustain EVG. I.e., you don't need us...we need you, and yet you are sharing. So, THANKS for that...thanks for caring and for sharing!!! Best!

Rob O.

How come you do such deep, incisive research daily? It’s great, but if you ever get a bit dazed, I will be content with a once a week.

Kathy K.

The people that complain about having to pay for your service, have a state of mind that most likely needs this information the most.

Jon W.

While I am not a member ... yet, I have never questioned you charging for your services. It is clear to me that EVG has spent hours and hours of time compiling and gathering incredibly useful information. I wanted to respond to this story because sometimes you need to hear words of encouragement. Here's mine: You guys are doing great things, keep it up.

Brian S.

He: Thanks for a great and informative site; it’s been very helpful to me.


Thank You! Thank You! he!

Robin S.

He is one of those common sense, yet high IQ sorts who rise to the top in many scenarios.

Nenrad M.

Thank you he, I m not from US but some information is great!!!!

Jean P.

He: OMG! Your information is priceless!!

Sylvia G.

He, Thanks for the reasonably priced EVG Training Course. I know this will give all members possibilities to gain wealth! (above Obama's $250K wealthy: where did he get that?) I would very much like to know about Options Trading for a future opportunity class. Thanks.

Mel N.

Just a quick "Thank You” for keeping me in the know.

Mickey G.

Who writes these emails? Fricken’ brilliant!

Harold E.

Hello, Thank you very much for all the financial education information you have been sending to me. I quite appreciate it all. Have a great day.

Gerald C.

He, First I have not been an EVG member for long but I have been trying to watch as many of these videos as possible to get up to speed and I have to say I have gotten SIGNIFICANT VALUE from all the things I am learning here. Thank you for putting this website together.

Patti S.

Each day I view these videos I increase my educational IQ 100x. Thank you so very much for this project and allowing us to be a part.

Sylvia C.

Thanks for what you are contributing to helping people to survive and grow wealth in the coming months and years.


He and all … I have been a member for a year so can say I really appreciate and support what you do in EVG. I have learned so much.

Karl R.

He, there is nothing better than going out into town on friday night, having an awesome time then logging on to EVG at 3.30am to sober up on your latest Lesson or diary entry on finance and the world economic situation.

Brandon T.

Once again, great stuff he! Thanks!



Timothy M.

I have gotten more info on how to acquire wealth in the last 6 months than in 20 years of investing, Thanks he.

Larantine N.

Very interesting stuff.

Darran B.

As usual guys, this info absolutely rocks! Changing lives along the way. What a journey, What a ride.

Kerry C.

Great stuff and a wealth of knowlege. TIme to go through it a second time so I can insure i got it all. Thanks again.

Joseph I.

Thank you for your help and direction.

Garry H.

It is so great being a member, and now having these contacts for when the precious metals cycle is played out we can then all have these people to partner with and truly go and generate some passive income and great wealth. Thanks again he for doing what you do.

Emile B.

Hey he I’m a 20 year old from Canada and just wanted to say that you really got me excited about my financial education thanks for all the great info and contacts!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I absolutely LOVE you guys!!! Soo very informative! Thank you from the bottom of my soul!

Christian F.

This is some really good stuff! My family and I were worried about getting into Real Estate right now, but this way of doing it sounds like a surefire way to go. I’m looking forward to implementing these strategies! Thanks guys.

Shirley R.

I just want to add that all the lessons have been fantastic! He, I want to thank you for a desire to lend your knowledge to others. I know I’ve benefited greatly!!

Dustin S.

He – you continue to reinforce that you are 500% no Bullshit. Keep up the good work.

David S.

Best investment I ever made was joining this group. Thank You he.

Blanche B.

Thank you for the excellent presentation… I am really looking forwards to receive more information. Since I joined the group, I am being challenged to change my mind set, completely revise my financial strategy (by the way did I ever had one?) and finding the right opportunities for a sixty years old living in Brazil. Not bad after a few days participation in the elevation group….and I am loving every moment of it.

Mary K.

Dear he, Thanks so much for the most useful, honest and to the point training on how to become wealthy. Can’t wait for the next part.

Alan S.

He, On the money. You hit the essence of where many people are at; the problems in our society; and the importance of offering value & overdelivering.

Michael P.

300% over delivered and you haven’t even finished the lesson. Thanks he. For the young entrepreneur / college grad with no net worth, this post hits home!

Lew H.

He, Even as a cardcarrying member of the largest nation on earth(PROCRASTInation), I have followed you since I read Magnetic sponsoring cover to cover and then underlined and copied the underlines into a coherent set of pages. I am STILL a citizen of that country. This Lesson #11 is going a long way towards helping me revoke that citizenship. I am the first to admit that I am at times a prisoner of my own perceived intellect, prone at any moment to the paralysis of analysis that is the hallmark of PROCRASTIES everywhere. Hey, I’m working on that! Thank you for offering to be and STANDING BY your offer to be my mentor. I know that you are proud of me. It is my aim to be worthy of that admiration…and more. You’re puttin’ in WORK, son! Keep on keeping on.

Yaffashai S.

This is really awesome information, Thanks he.

Hameed H.

He you are truly a blessing. Thank you so much for simplifying the much needed direction that is needed in the market place today for all aspiring entrepreneurs. This was a crystal clear map to success.

Dean G.

I felt as if he and I had just finished dinner at a nice restaurant and where just sitting there talking about the above topic. Easy to listen to and accept. What he talked about would point someone in a direction, just pick whatever fits your fancy and see where it takes you. It’s a lot better than sitting still.

Michael S.

Hey he, Great stuff here my friend! I love the fact that you gave us so many options to choose from and the focus was not solely just to make money, but to give us the avenues we have at our disposal to pick something where we could start something that we are passionate about. I personally signed up for Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy back in November and I have to agree with you, it’s probably the best course out there for monetizing your passion into income. Also, I’d just like to say that although I was a little skeptical before I joined EVG, not that I have done my own research of what is going on in the economy I honestly cannot thank you enough! I’m convinced that if I hadn’t joined EVG that I would not have a clue of what is going to come (especially what is going on with the US dollar right now and the Fed) nor would I have started to prepare to protect myself and my family. I feel very confident with the decisions that I have made after joining EVG and after showing this information to my family, we have all started to take measures to protect our wealth and I am thoroughly convinced that we will come out on top after the dust settles from the coming collapse. Thank you so much for always being transparent and authentic with everything you do. You rock! Keep up the excellent work See you on the webinar tonight!

David A.

Great Information as usual.

Waseem M.

Great tips and resources bro, you summed it all up well.

Errol Y.

He, you are God sent. Continue the excellent work and stay Blessed!!

Patti S.

As always so interesting I can’t “log out”……thanks, he.

Joseph H.

This Webinar Is Wonderful.You have to invest in Gold and Silver.You have to prepare for your future. He keep doing what you love to do. Happy holidays to you he and your team and to all the EVG FAMILY.

Keeneth R.

Loved the info he, I have reached my retirement goals in a very short period of time, because of the home business industry and your teachings, so I am living proof of what you discussed is absolutely true! Keep bringing the value my friend. :)

Priscilla S.

Thanks for sharing all of this valuable info. with us! Definitely can’t be too prepared.

Jim C.

This is really good info…I have no regrets about joining the group and have found the knowledge to be priceless…still at 68 years old!

Ethan N.

I’m only 21 years old and a Junior in College. What I’ve learned here today will give me such a clearer vision of what to do with my family years from now. Not anytime soon tho enjoyin this young life of mine :).

Donald L.

This so amazing, I am 70+ years old, how I wished I would have learned this information 10 years ago to teach my family.

Kevin C.

Fabulous well thought out and structured information. The world is a changing place and it is essential that people position themselves as best as they can with the changing economy. Put simple, we have to play our cards as best as we can. People must learn this information before it is too late.

Dennis R.

Thank you he for your gift, most appreciated. I look forward to watching and learning. Be well.

Stan S.

Good stuff!

Carmen D.


Thanh D.

Thank you for sharing all of this valuable info. with us. Very helpful.

Jacqueline A.

All this information is excellent and overwhelming. Yes, thanks he for forming EVG and bringing us into reality of what’s to come. I have soooo many things to ponder…

Janet G.

Wow – what great information! I just wish I knew about this 25 years ago! Very much looking forward to learning how I can play “catch up”. Thanks so much!

Gordon G.

Thanks he That was awesome information. I joined with the 12 month option and just this info alone was worth more than the price I paid. This is exactly the sort of knowledge that will position us for the times ahead. I’m patting myself on the back for jumping in and trusting once again in your leadership.

Tymon C.

He, WOW! Mind blowing information! My sponge is FULL! (My teachability index is maxed out for those GIN members.)but thank you, for assisting me in feeding my mind for over 2 hours.I really appreciate everything you are doing.

Jorge G.

WOW he!!! This was awesome information!!! It all makes sense!! I have been looking and asking for this kind of information for a few years now on how the the super rich get super rich? And I finally found those answers!! Thanks he you have created many millionaires just for sharing this information!! I hope I get a chance to meet you in the future and buy you dinner my friend…


He: Just a note of “Thanks” for all of the research you have done over these last 3 years, and your ability to put it all down into this program to share it with us. My optimism for financial improvement for myself and family is certainly increased after reading all that I have since joining. Looking forward to what is coming in the weeks and months ahead.

Chris J.

Thank you he for this incredible info!

Alex I.

Glad I’m in my early 20?s. Thanks for the info he. As always, I feel like you over deliver, and I feel like the information I have received thus far is worth far more than what I have paid to join the group. Great stuff, can’t wait for more.

Scott G.

He, Once again, you deliver much more than expected! Magnetic Sponsoring gave me a whole new perspective on MLM, and now The Elevation Group has opened my eyes to what I need to do to secure my family’s financial future for generations to come. I’m looking forward to our journey.Thanks for all you do.

Andrea F.

This is absolutely the greatest educational sourcing site! I’m a former financial manager and a soon to be accountant…Everyday for the past two years I’ve been studying historical trends and the accompanying inflationary and deflationary periods. If you know anything about accountants we are somewhat logical – calculatory snobs I’m happy to say that I was utterly convinced because the information is sound and truly enlightening!

Jim M.

My mind just exploded of nuclear proportion with knowledge and world economics.

Ray T.

I have learned more about real economics in the last couple of hours than I learned in 60 years of living. I thought that I was well versed on finance, this has been a real eye opener. Thank you.

John E.

Wow what info. I’ve watched and took notes but now am just watching then goin back to take notes but this is so educational. Though I’m older now, I wished I’d paid more attention in my economics class I had at TAMU. Great work he, priceless info.

Seb B.

This is so awesome…being based Internationally, I thought that a lot of the information in the membership site wouldn’t benefit me. What was I thinking? I’m committed to going through your content for at least 30 minutes a day every day to really understand how to attract AND preserve wealth! Thanks he and your team for the opportunity to invest in my financial education.

Fannie B.



This is too cool! Extremely awesome and informative information!! My fear has already dwindled some. So this is what my son has been trying to tell me for the past 45 years. I wish I would have listened to him. Thanks so much!!! Micheal M. and he!!!


This was an amazing lesson. I feel so enlightened listening to how value is actually held in the economy and how these waves happen. Being armed with this information gives me a sense of knowledge security that I will be able to use no matter the financial situation of the world.

William K.

HELLO AND THANK YOU HE FOR THE ELEVATION GROUP THIS IS A BLESSING IN A BIG WAY. I am so glad that I made the decision to join this group, it is changing my life with the information that i am getting. THANK YOU AGAIN HE FOR THIS GROUP.

Paul P.

GREAT information. I have been interested in this topic since 2007 and learned a TON. I FINALLY have a spirit of excitement about the future. THANK YOU!

Michelle D.

He, you are awesome! I can’t thank you enough for bringing “The Elevation Group” into my life. I’ve learned so much from your incredible website and so happy to be a member. Keep up the awesome job and may God bless you and everyone at EVG.

Abigail J.

He, the work you do is so inspiring to me and many others. You give people the necessary information to survive in this new economy. Thank you for creating The Elevation Group and sharing your lessons learned with us!

Dale G.

OMG…great lessons here on the “bigger picture”. My brain is spinning with the possibilities of “my” version. The human element of everything you do is why I belong to The Elevation Group. Money is good but what you do is so much more. Thanks!

Albert N.

A fantastic vision to be able to help or benefit others through relationships and charitable means.

E A M.

Awesome! Joining the EVG is one of the best investments that I ever made. This recent endeavor on Nector Island with Richard Branson and his team is no different. Elevation keeps on elevating to greater heights. Thanks all for sharing your fun adventure, wisdom and resources on helping its members elevate right along with you. The education that is shared is priceless! Eternal thanks from a grateful member!

Lauren K.

Thanks guys for sharing SO much to get my head around but thankful that Elevation Group has come into my life. It’s so good to know that there are people like you, starting the process of making the world a better place for my children! Thank you. Glad you enjoyed yourselves, you deserve it!


Thanks for another great lesson……. we can achieve way more with a giving heart! Congratulations on your latest accomplishment. I am so proud to be a member of the Elevation Group. Be the change!!

Alison S.

Thanks he and the team. So love the lesson and diary entries and expanding things to the next level.


Hi he, I am still smiling after watching this video. There is something to be said for elevating the fun level too. Throughout my life my question has been, “How can I help?” As you expand your vision and your reach, please let the EVG members know of ways that we too, can assist you in making this planet a better place for everyone.

Veda H.

Wow I am learning so much, thanks Elevation Group. Giving back and helping others is what life should be all about. It is great to know there are so many people out there doing just that. Joining the Elevation group was one of the smartest things I ever did. Thanks for the awesome video.

Selina H.

He – I am SO privileged to be part of EVG – and now you are collaborating with my most inspiring entrepreneur Richard Branson….which inspires me to contribute! Thank you a million times for what you are doing. I do hope you come to Hawaii sometime!


Thank you…while I wrestle with the world as it speaks to me about greed, inequality, poor health, rights taken away...right in front of my eyes, EVG comes to me with transparency and openness, a place to learn of other possibilities when saying NO to the OLD Guard and Yes to the new. Virgin United is just another in the string the EVG is working to show the world a better way...I am fortunate to have found you.. Looking forward to hearing more…thanks for a great share.

John H.

This stuff pretty much blows my mind. Thank you. I am astonished that all of this is being shared with a guy like me. I am not to the level where I understand all of it yet, but thanks to you folks at EVG, I will be soon.

James F.

Thanks he and Robert for the great lessons that you two were able to learn this week and pass on to the EV Group!!!! Hope to meet you he sometime, someplace soon. Thanks again.

Durango A.

Hey Guys ~ great to see you espousing and teaching timeless principles like vision, truly caring, humility, serving, gracious hospitality, and empathic love. No wonder Richard has had such success – character reflecting noble grace. You guys are onto to something big that I believe will capture and create a new heart and mindset for the planet. Be unswerving in your pursuit. We are behind you rooting you on. Peace!


Thanks to EVG for such an inspiring video. It is amazing to be a part of EVG and to learn to dream. Thanks for the great lesson. Giving is the answer.

Johan R.

Totally awesome he and Robert!!

Dustin B.

Wow. Beautiful…..real……humbling…..inspiring. Continuedblessings…..gratitude…

Prescilla N.

Awesome video he. I’m so glad I’m back again as a member. Thanks a lot for following up on me, you really mean to help and you didn’t let me get left behind. I felt your sincerity and I felt like I was called to become an EVG member and that I attracted this opportunity. I’m so grateful! I’m happy to know that you really are who I thought you are and much more. More blessings to you! :)


You three are all awe inspiring. I’ve been dragging my feet setting up my son’s special needs foundation for his school because you’re right – the paperwork and red tape is ridiculous. You’ve reminded me of why I wanted to form it in the first place so — Thanks guys for the renewed enthusiasm to persevere. It’s about serving them – period!

Phyllis G.

Bravo! You guys are brilliant and heartdriven. Nothing is as potent as an Idea Whose Time Has Come! I was wondering what I was going to do with all the money coming my way……………… Now I Know. You’ll make it easy for me to GIVE. Bless Your Hearts.

Michael S.

I couldn’t be happier with my decision to become a member of EVG I hope to meet you one day in person he to thank you for the impact this has had on my life.

Dan N.

Awesome post! EVG Lifestyle is the way to go! Good luck for your next race he.

Mary Kay C.

THi he, Becoming an EVG member was the best thing I have done financially. I just bought some more silver. I read every post, watch every video and am planning my 2012 moves for getting off the grid. Thanks for your guidance.

Robert G.

Nice diary entry. I like the way the focus of EVG is shifting from straight investment advice to a broader focus on freedom and self reliance. Good job!

Jimmy A.

Hi he, It is great to be a part of a community of individuals who have chosen to be proactive rather than stand idly by as events sweep them away. The information that you provide will help individuals weather the coming storm. What you have shown and taught is invaluable, for knowledge is power and is priceless. Joining EVG was and is the best investment I have ever made. Rather than meandering and reacting to events that are hurled at me, I am able to navigate the stormy seas that we are all facing. I consider EVG the single best asset there is.

Prabhakar H.

I really love your repeated emphasis on building your own business as the best investment strategy. This has got me thinking and my mind is already going nuclear. Thank you for getting me thinking on these things.

Mark C.

Hi he ,Thanks so much for putting this together, The content is first rate, and you are doing an awesome job educating people and helping us all through these very stressful and turbulent times. Myself and my wife own a fairly large property portfolio in the UK that brings in a very good positive cash flow every month, however, we know that when interest rates begin to go up we will have a very tough job on our hands as most of our mortgages are now on bank base rate trackers with no way of refinancing or locking into long term fixed rates at an affordable rate. So we are purchasing silver as fast as we possibly can at the moment (although not as fast as I would like) to see us through and hopefully allow us to restart our lives instead of living hand to mouth. So keep up the good work you and your team are giving us all hope. Kind regards!

Lindsey R.

Hi he, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the many ways in which you help us. We are all so lucky to belong to The Evaluation Group. It’s wonderful.

Peter A.

He – you continue to provide highly valuable, and helpful, information to us. Many thanks for sharing both the WINS “and” the MISTAKES you are making on your journey!


Thank you SOOOOOOOOO much he! We are living in scary times.

Juanita B.

He I’d like to thank you for producing a website that has quality, quantity and integrity. Being in the military you get a lot of “financial experts” and when trying to discuss anything that isn’t the “norm” in financing you get tons of rebuttals. However I have faith that this is the direction that I am supposed to be going. Thank you so much for showing a 28 yr old soldier how to protect her family from the pitfalls of this economy. The financial instruments and vehicles that you’ve shown me (along with your contacts) is truly a blessing. Thank you soo much he! May God continue to shower you with blessings and favor.


Wow, he thank you for all you share here. I come from a very poor family in finances. This topic of Finances has grab me by the neck & almost choked me. Almost lost my House, lost my business. I have two young children 2 & 4 year old. what you are sharing here has transform my knowledge & I know it’s just a matter of time when I get back on my feet again. Thank You, I have made some great investments but, I didn’t know how to use those investments wisely & wasted all the money. Now With you as my Coach, I know I can turn things around & bring my Wife Home to be with my children. ( I have lost all my material assets)…..All I have is my Wife & my children & I know that is the foundation to build a strong $$$$ skyscraper….Thank You.

Mathew N.

He, Hi, I just wanted to thank you for all you are doing for the EVG member group society. I think it is great how much effort you put into helping all of us EVG members.

Jan S.

Hey he: I feel such a sense of adventure. It’s empowering to realize that they are many things that I can do to “lighten the load”, so to speak, when the inevitable happens. It might not be as bad here in Canada, but who knows for sure. Definitely, the “better safe than sorry” strategy is the one I am going with. My sincere thanks for using your own life and experiences as an open book to help the rest of us. I have absolutely already got more than my moneys worth from this great program and can’t wait to continue learning and applying. Thanks a million.

Joyce B.

He, I want to thank you very, very much for forming the EVG group and taking us on this journey with you. It’s an eyeopening trip. Each section is overflowing with crucial information. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

John L.

He, Your diary entry format is perfect! This is amazingly helpful and worth much more than the cost to us. Thank you! Keep doing what you are doing! You are the best!

Craig & Tracey

First, thank you he for The Elevation Group. We have been waiting for something like this for a very long time. We also have started making preparations in regards to stocking up. Guns, land, food etc.. We are actually going out today and purchasing a home in the country on 5 acres to be able to grow crops, put up a solar field along with a wind turbine. Thank you again and keep up the fabulous work.

Joel P.

All I can say now is WOW! I’m on my way to experience all that God has created for me. Thank you he for pointing the way.

John M.

In reading this, I realize that I, like many of us I’m sure, have been trying to “live the dream” and keep up with the Jones’. Now I see that they are schmucks! Let Jones keep up with me. Or try.

Jenny C.

This is SO important. AND I am SO GRATEFUL for EVG providing the platform to get all the right support to keep in this mindset! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Chris M.

Hey he, You’ve made your analysis very clear, while not “dumbing it down” . I really enjoy the format of the diary entries. They are extremely helpful in understanding and wrapping one’s head around the volatility present and expected in the global economy. Thanks for putting this program together and sharing it with us… it’s invaluable.


Thank you he this entry was an eye opener for myself and my girlfriend. I have been reading Awaken the Giant Within and Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.(among other books) They all have completely derailed me form the destructive path I was chugging down and are laying a new path before me. Coupled with your guidance, all these new ideas and truths have cleared the fog from my view and I see now the life I have been seeking for so long. The coolest thing is my new vision is nothing like the ideas and dreams I once had. Its a whole new vision! I have finally defined my “WHY” and my conviction for it is so ironclad, nothing can stop me now!! I will continue to surround myself with the rich and I WILL become one of their ranks!! Thank you again and I look forward to growing with you on this journey.

Willie K.

He absolutely powerful.

Christina C.

What an eye opener. I have been reading and hearing snippets of how your mindset influences your lifestyle for months now, but this puts it all into perspective for me. I am currently at a crossroads in my life in many ways and now have clear direction as to the path I will take. I will pursue wealth for myself and my family. Thankyou he and The Elevation Group! Keep up the good work………there are many that need you out there.

Matthew B.

Cool, Very inspiring post he! I especially liked when you talked about how you decided to not focus on pulling money in but rather putting energy and value out. A light bulb went off when I read that! Thanks!


Hi he, This is a very powerful post. Thanks for breaking things down into actual steps. I am grateful for the work you are doing. It is because of your divine assignmentI can know move down the road of creating wealth. Success!

Joy M.

Thank you so much he..You truly are a godsend…I am 60 and am excited as a child..Looking forward to the journey ahead!


The greatest achievement in life is to have the ability to create the world around you, so that it matches the dreams in your mind.’” Thanks again he! You just very nicely encapsulated what I have been trying to drinkin or absorb for the past few months. Its refreshing to know that our worlds are paralleling, and that reaching my abundance threshold is in the very near future. I must’ve been on the right path for the past couple of years, about 6 different people whom I respect and have been following, referred you to me. This is so exciting! Thanks again he!! and Thank you to your friends! He I could quote you all day! And I will!

Aladdin L.

Hi he, You are an inspiration! I have achieved something, but as I review my past life I see that my full potential was held back by the fear of making mistakes. From now on I hope to discover and immerse in ABUNDANCE!


When the student is ready the teacher shows up ~~~~~ how true this is!

Nancy G.

Okay he! Thank you! I am listening closely, and I am happy to be here! I am transitioning steadily to a new mindset and paradigm and feel very grateful and thankful to have you as a powerful mentor, guide, and teacher. Definitely looking forward to this journey and raise my glass to abundance, prosperity, and progress!!!

Rachel D.

My mindset has already changed by joining up. I’ll be honest though.. There was a good and bad voice inside my head saying. Don’t do it it’s another scam.. I am happy to say, the positive voice won over… Here I am! I have been asking for this kind of resource and now here it is… By taking full responsibility for my financial future, it will help me make the most difference in the world, as money and success speak volumes.. I look forward to reading and sharing this journey with you all...

Laura T.

Having been reared in a family where every penny was counted and my parents were brought to this mentality by parents who lived through the depression trying to raise a family, I know that my very psyche about money was about saving, saving, and then more saving and always looking for the right price whenever the purchase had to be made over anything. I have had no education in economics and allowed my ignorance in that to be extremely conservative in how I viewed money. As a Christian, I also know that even without money, I am rich, but my time and how I choose to use it is not a question I thought about in being rich or poor. I welcome this new opportunity to change my view of reality so that my reality can change. Thanks for the opportunity.


Thank you so much for this dissertation on abundance and “richness”. It is so pertinent to most of us who have been raised in conventional religion. I am so grateful for this opportunity and information you have provided.

Beverly J.

I had forgotten about associations with the right people of the same wealth building mindset. I needed a reminder.

John V.

Hi, he, Thanks for all this. Excellent stuff! One Chinese college history professor told me ( when I was a freshman), privately, one day, (he knew I was a new immgrant fom Holland): “Always try to associate with people who know more than you do!”. Well, I am still doing just that. Thanks again. John V.

Angela C.

Brand new to the group and so far after reading this journal entry, it has me crying because of how touched and excited I am. It just makes sense and taps into what I’ve yearned to accomplish, and the validation that I can create my own destiny… Now is the time!!! Thanks, he! I’m so stoked for this, I have so many ideas I’m ecstatic to just have the nudge and knowledge that I’m the one who’s gonna make shit happen for me!!

Patricia R.

AMAZING………All of this does ring a bell………I remember telling myself when only a teenager….One day I will have all the money I need to do everything I wish, when I wish for it. I did believe abundance was possible….This is just a reminder that my mindset has to come back on the right track…The one thing I knew was possible for everyone at just 15 years old… Thanks he! You have no idea what this entry means to me, seriously. Have all my blessings and gratitude.

William C.

Outstanding! Needed a lift and got it. God bless us all!

Jeffrey H. - Slidell, LA

I was self-employed up till 2009. I had several rental properties and was a residential builder from 2003-2009. The housing bubble caused me to lose almost everything and eventually had to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy. I was disappointed and frustrated when the economy collapsed in 2008 because I was 100% invested in real estate I didn't have a backup plan. My only plan was to return to my job as a merchant sailor working 30 days on/off which I still do currently. After losing about $2 million in assets in the 2008 crash, I was VERY cautious and did not want to risk it all again. But after I watched his presentation on the state of our government and wealth cycles, I knew I had to join. I'm glad I did! I now know how to safely invest and save for retirement. And now at age 40, I feel my money may work for me a little more. I set up a 'bank-of-you', purchased silver, and have cash flow real estate. One of the smartest things I did was hire a local CPA who's just like Tom (the EVG CPA). My CPA has made it so that I only have to legally pay around 9% federal tax. I feel confident I'm on the right track! I have the knowledge I need to use even more strategies once I'm able. Even though I'm starting over, EVG has definitely put me on the right track!

Dr. Perry - Platteville, WI

I had no knowledge of investing before starting EVG. I dabbled here and there without any direction or focus. I had no vision. Since joining EVG, I started a "Bank of You", I freed my "IRA", I purchased precious metals and I repaired my damaged credit score. I'm also starting my own home-based business. I'm excited to know that I'm creating a secure future for myself and my family, and actually feel sad for those who aren't involved with EVG. I know I'm on the right path.

Mr. Henrik Y. - Sweden

Listening to experts extol the advantages of purchasing physical gold and silver first gave me a feeling of anxiousness and greed paired with a bitter sensation of "Aha, yet another train of opportunity that sweeps past me on the platform of life without me having the slightest possibility to jump aboard!" But then when I realized this is an opportunity where John Doe can get into the game with just a couple of bucks, I got the sensation that "the kingdom of heaven is nigh!" So I have purchased silver, and it felt good to receive the actual silver coins. To feel how tangible they are. To know that one - at least to some degree - has cheated the financial powers that be.

Gregg H. - Wilmington, NC

I felt that I would never have the resources or knowledge to invest in real estate.But now I feel empowered financially for the first time. I started netting $700 per month as soon as I closed on two rental homes using EVG strategies. I used to think that becoming wealthy was only a dream. I worried about it daily. Now I feel in control and excited for the future. I had been using the stock market and retirement accounts with poor results for ten years. But since joining EVG I have I started a "Bank of You", I freed my "IRA", I bought cash-flow real-estate, I purchased precious metals and I've prepared my household for an emergency. I love passing on this valuable financial education.

Rudi M. - Borsbeek, Belgium

I used to invest in stocks and funds which felt like chains in 2008. Now I am buying precious metals and am up 60% so far. I am convinced of next general crash (worse than 1929), of bankruptcy of more banks, states and nations. I certainly share your opinions when they are in the direction of History.

Susie H. - Murchison, TX

I freed my "IRA", bought cash-flow real-estate, and have made $20,000 since implementing EVG strategies. I now work with a very good CPA firm who helps forward-plan my personal business. I had just come into a sizable estate following the deaths of both parents within months of each other. It was a little overwhelming as to the course of action I should take to preserve and grow my wealth. I've always felt as though it was Not a coincidence that I ran across EVG.Your strategies have empowered me to make what I feel are the best decisions. You guys do the homework for me and then it's up to me to decide which course to take. I am so grateful. I started making a positive return on the house I bought within 3 months. The renters are possibly interested buying next year which would yield me a net profit of %10 (not including the cash flow on the rent!) I feel more in charge of my financial future and refer back to your website frequently. You guys are great at keeping your members informed of changes and opportunities. I used to get frustrated reading the quarterly printouts of my stock broker, trying to figure out their buying and selling and buying and selling in order to make their commissions. I don't have those frustrations anymore and you guy have educated me on the "game". With EVG, I don't feel so helpless.

Joe S. - Charlotte, NC

I lost my job 12 months ago. I joined EVG about 6 months ago. Since joining I have I've used 7 different EVG strategies and I'm "up" 29% so far this year. The best thing I did was hire one of the wealth strategists who has helped me develop a vision and a wealth plan. I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur but was stuck in the rat race. It took someone else to get me out and thank goodness they did. I have never felt more empowered and confident in my financial future than I do today. Thanks EVG! I plan to keep learning for the rest of my life and also plan to triple my net worth in the next 4 years.

Douglas F. - Florida

I started a "Bank of You", I freed my "IRA", I purchased precious metals, I've prepared my household for an emergency, and I invested overseas. EVG really got me off my butt and got me moving on all these strategies. I feel like I have taken control of my life.

Doris - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

After joining EVG, I was put in touch with a Canadian Rep who could help me implement EVG strategies in Canada. I am grateful for this opportunity. I gained a greater understanding in the process of establishing a Bank Of You. With this increased knowledge, I have opened up numerous real estate venture opportunities which I am now pursuing. I feel empowered. I feel "free" in the sense that there are options available for people, if they choose to educate themselves and take action. Thank you EVG!

Ms. Susan C. - Florida

I joined EVG this past December totally in the dark about investments, finances, etc, but have a strong commitment to take control of my hard earned monies. After the 2008 crash I was hell bent on preserving what I had and doing whatever I could to increase my returns, especially passive returns. EVG has been my lifeline.... I am 56 coming into retirement years and had a cruel, rude awakening after the 2008 crash. I never realized one could actually loose everything they had worked so hard for all their lives. I began a mission to NEVER, EVER let that happen and began researching ways to go about preserving what I had and increasing returns. Although I understood the reasoning behind investing in gold/silver and do feel it's one of the best investments given today's economy, I was petrified to actually take the plunge. Thanks to EVG, I was FINALLY able to do so and purchased my first gold coins this past month. My knowledge base has catapulted beyond what I ever thought possible. I am so comfortable purchasing gold and actually feel like I'm a precious metals expert. I feel like I can sleep comfortably at night knowing for the first time in a long time I'm taking control of my finances/investments and protecting my assets regardless what happens in the market and financial world. I can't begin to tell you how much more at peace I am, how I'm much more relaxed and able to enjoy other aspects of my life so much more. My frustration has ultimately been the fact that you work and work and give your sweat and blood and NEVER EVER seem to get ahead, it's so damn aggravating. EVG has given me the opportunity to break through that limitation and change things around so I have a real shot at actually getting ahead. THAT is priceless! I'm excited about moving forward with and having an EVG "team" committed to help me achieve my goals. I am so grateful to Michael, Robert and the whole EVG team. You 2 guys are 2 of the few people I think I would trust with my life....Heck, I am trusting you with my life...literally! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Keep doing what you're doing PLEASE!

Mike M. - Monroe, WI

I hate my job so I won't mention my occupation... but I've attempted to develop secondary sources of income for years. They never made me a dime. I must have tried a dozen different programs that I heard about on TV or radio. I had all but given up. Then I stumbled onto lesson 11. It caught my attention instantly. As a result I followed the EVG strategy outlined there. Now I am well on my way to establishing a home based business and I just recently earned my first commission! The craziest part is that in about 4 months EVG helped me achieve what I couldn't in more than 6 years. Thanks for everything!

John P. - Springfield, Missouri

WOW! AWESOME!! Paul [EVG Bank of You expert] set me up with a 6 figure retirement at 65 and beyond! I've also bought gold and silver in the way you suggested. I've made some emergency preparations. Plus, I bought a 12-plex apartment and 4 single family homes. Thank you EVG for an incredible ride this past 12 months. Keep up the good work!!

M. Richardson - Excelsior, Minnesota

Imagine discovering that you had lost $30,000 (about $6,000 in each of the last 5 years) by not knowing how to structure your business taxes to get the most benefit. My strategy was to save as much money as possible by finding a cheap tax accountant. After all, don't they all know the same thing? WRONG! As a result of being part of EVG I hired Tom W. and now will save at least $6,000 per year. I'm learning that knowledge is both power and security when it comes to finance, the security of knowing how to play the game legally. Paying for the right information, the information that is beyond the average person, pays dividends. When it comes to money I finally feel empowered via EVG. Rather than living in fear about money, denial that there's a huge problem, or hope that either the government, the FED, or the bankers will get the American Economy going I feel in command of where I am headed financially. I used to invest in stocks, but that only made money for the brokerage firm. Knowing how the money game is really being played has put me into a new relationship with money. Thanks, EVG!

Joe C. - Glendora, New Jersey

I am EXTREMELY HAPPY!!! I am forever grateful to EVG for introducing me to this amazing concept. Being only 31, I have a good 30-35 years to invest and have this strategy work for me. I am putting $300 a month into my "bank" and will be able to retire VERY COMFORTABLY! And as far as the rest of the EVG strategies ...honestly, I have been blown away by what I have seen so far. Keep doing what you are doing! I am truly appreciative!

David A. - Tarragona, Spain

I have taken action with 4 of the EVG strategies. I now have a greater sense of DIRECTION, PURPOSE and CLARITY with respect to my financial life and my life vision thanks to the experts at EVG. A BIG thanks to the entire EVG team in CHANGING MY LIFE. I do believe that during these times of financial instability there are OPPORTUNITIES to be made. I believe it's FEAR that stops us from taking action. Instead of FREEZING and doing nothing, which is what most people do, EVG taught me to take action... KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

Angela S. - San Diego, CA

The only real "investment" strategy I had in place before EVG was in a Roth IRA and 401(k), both invested in the Russian Roulette of the stock market. Watching the news and seeing all of those in their late 50s and 60s trying to get jobs after losing over half of their retirement was a real eye opener...that could be ME someday! Well, thanks to EVG, it won't! I AM NOW MY OWN BANK! YES!! NOT having to go through the bank, have my credit report scrutinized and an "inquiry" showing for the next 2 years...well, that was total FREEDOM! I feel more in control, with an actual plan!! THANK YOU * THANK YOU* THANK YOU for all you do...and for allowing my "middle-class mentality" to mingle with your rich!! I have truly grown from it!

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